Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to apply for Australian Awards Scholarships

Today, we here at scholarshipsawards.com are delighted to provide some scholarships tips for studies in Australia. For now ,we look at Australian Scholarship Awards.

The Australian Scholarships Awards are prestigious scholarships provided by the Australian Government  to eligible international students. The Scholarship comes in different categories and students can study in many fields of study.  These are Open and Public categories. These Scholarships are FREE and come with many benefits and as such, they are one of the competitive scholarships in the world.

Study Programs 
i. Diploma courses (Diploma and Advance Diploma course duration range from a year to 2.5 years maximum full time study) – limited quota available for People with a Disability and their carers only.
ii. Bachelor degree courses (the maximum duration of study permitted for a Bachelor degree is four years) – limited quota available, highly competitive.
iii. Master (course work & research) degree courses – the majority of scholarships are available for postgraduate coursework programs i.e. Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters. (The maximum duration for a Master degree program is two years)
iv. Post Doctorate Degree (PhD) programs – prioritised for applicants currently employed in Higher Education and Research Institutes. (The maximum duration for a PhD is four years. Limited Quota

Below are some tips when making an application for the Australian.

Before you can apply you must first check you have met the eligibility criteria.

It is important to check whether you are eligible to apply for the scholarship. If you are eligible, proceed onto lodging your application following the following steps.

Applying for the Scholarship
There are two accepted application processes for submitting an application; Electronic Online applications sent via email and Soft copy USB applications sent through courier mail. Hard copy applications are not encouraged. Late applications will not be considered.
It is imperative that all applicants provide a reliable email address, as all notifications will be communicated via email. Please check your country’s specification on this scholarships application process.

What you need to attach with your application.
Make sure to attach all your academic transcripts, recommendation letters, CVs, Research proposals if you are applying for Masters and Doctoral programs. See country specification in your country.

Scholarship Announcements
Usually, the scholarship announcements for both opening and closing dates are made in the local media or the official Australian Awards Websites in your country. Consult your countries Australian Awards agents or their websites.  Check details on Australian Awards