Friday, August 4, 2017

2018 UOW Sydney Business School Bursary Scheme

Scholarship Announcement 

The bursary applies to all two-year Master’s courses offered by UOW’s Sydney Business School including packaged offers with Graduate Certificate’s offered at Wollongong and Sydney campus. The Bursaries offer a 15% reduction of the tuition fee per trimester of study of applied.

The bursary will apply to the following citizenships only: India, Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iran, Kenya, Mongolia, Nigeria, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Myanmar and Ghana.

There is no limit on the number of Bursaries to be granted for students commencing in 2018 and they will be awarded at time of offer.

Students commencing their first trimester of study with UOW, Sydney Business School for the following 16 subject Masters courses and meeting all other conditions will be eligible for the Bursary:

  • Master of Applied Finance (double specialisation)
  • Master of Business (double specialisation)
  • Master of Business Administration (Advanced)
  • Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced)
  • Master of Science (Supply Chain Management & Project Management)
  • Students returning a signed acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and meeting all conditions will be eligible for the Bursary.

Results and Progression
Students who achieve a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 65 or more, who progress normally and who meet all other conditions remain eligible for the Bursary.

Full Terms and Conditions
Please see full terms and conditions that apply only to students commencing in 2018.

Enquiries and Applications
You do not have to make a separate application for a bursary, as it will be awarded automatically when you receive an offer for an eligible course and meet scholarship requirements. Applicants will receive a bursary notification and Terms and Conditions of their bursary at the same time as their offer of admission into their course.

For any student eligible for a Bursary, the reduction will be applied per trimester of study.

Check out the Scholarship details here on the : Official Website