Federal Student Study Loans for studies in USA

Federal student loans are offered to every student in the United States of America that files the FAFSA. Students in the USA are eligible for the types and amounts of federal loans that  are determined by  need level and college grade level. Federal student loans have fixed interest rates and  can be interest free while you’re enrolled at least half time in a college.

Eligibility: Students from the United States who are enrolled at colleges and universities can apply for this Loan. 

Loan Rates for Undergraduate Studies.

$5,500* first year (up to $3,500 subsidized)
$6,500* second year (up to $4,500 subsidized)
$7,500* other years (up to $5,500 subsidized)

3.76% fixed rate 

4.45% fixed rate 



6 months after leaving school or enrolled less than half time

How to apply for this loan.

Visit the official Website for application process. Official Website 

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