Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Westpac Pacific Graduate Program

The Westpac Banking Group are looking for graduates from the Pacific Region for their Graduate program. They are looking for someone who is a  thinker, a doer and who’d jump at the chance to be treated like a professional.  


When you join the Westpac Pacific Graduate Program you’ll be rewarded by working on real jobs from day one, have a competitive salary, healthy work-life balance and all the support you’ll need to kick-start the career you want. 

Join the Westpac Pacific Graduate Program and you’ll be rewarded with a broad range of exciting experiences and opportunities across several business areas. Opportunities that will challenge your mind and give you the chance to find where your passions lie and follow them through.

Training opportunities

Westpac provides a nurturing environment tailored to help you develop necessary
professional and technical skills for success within Westpac. All grads
participate in a training & experience curriculum for the first 12 months. This
program is structured into 4 rotations lasting 3 months each. You will gain
invaluable experience as you rotate across different areas developing important
connections and networks along the way. Rotations are possible in areas of:
• Retail and Business Banking
• Operations
• Risk Management
• Finance and Strategy
• Technology (Fiji only)

How to apply

If you think you’ve got what it takes apply online at
Applications for   Westpac Pacific Graduate Program are open now. You’ll need
to have local citizenship or permanent residency for the local country to apply.

Your application will be acknowledged via email. If you would like to contact the provider, please email