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Pacific Islands and Polynesian Education Foundation Scholarship

History or background of award
The Pacific Islands Polynesian Education Foundation (PIPEF) administer this scholarship, which is funded by The New Zealand government through the Ministry of Education.

Purpose of award
To provide financial assistance to Pacific Island students who are enrolled at a tertiary institution in New Zealand and are for the current year of study only. (Applicants studying at Private Training Establishments are NOT eligible). For the first time in 2009 and onwards the foundation is offering a $2,000 scholarship annually to Post Graduate students studying to benfit the Polynesian peoples.

Selection criteria
Applicants must be of Niue, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Fiji and other Pacific Islands descent who hold a New Zealand citizenship, or permanent residence in New Zealand. Students holding a temporary student permit are NOT eligible for assistance. Hardship need must be identified with supporting evidence.

Applicants must provide proof of NZ residency or citizenship, Pacific Island descent, and proof that they are enrolled and have paid their fees.

Number of awards offered
Varies each year.

Maximum of $950

Tenure of award
1 year.

Closing dates for applications
31 March  2016 (annually)

31 March 2017

Applications close 31 March each year.

How do students apply?

Application form and related documents can be downloaded from here.


Application Form

Further Information

Decision makers

PIPEF Board.

How and when do students learn of the decision?

PIPEF advise successful applicants in June. Scholarships are paid once all required documentation has been received.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
Proof of enrolment and course fees have been paid, failure to provide this documentation will mean the scholarship will not be paid.

Additional information
Permanent Residence documentation:

If you have provided the above information in the past three years at the time of your application you are not required to resubmit this information again.

Please do not send original documents with your application. Copies are to be signed by a Justice of the Peace or court registrar or practicing lawyer stating that copy is an authentic copy of the document.

A budget Sheet information MUST be completed.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

The Administrator
Pacific Islands and Polynesian Education Foundation

PO Box 48-219

Phone: 021 461981