Tuesday, April 14, 2015

International Student Scholarships and Awards at Vancouver Island University in Canada

The following scholarships are available for new international students to Vancouver Island University, at the undergraduate level. Students are considered for scholarships at the time of admission, based on their submitted transcripts and application supporting documents. The standard deadline for admission to most VIU programs is March 31st, and scholarship selections are determined 6 weeks after this closing date. A separate application for scholarships is not required, as students will be automatically considered if they meet the scholarship criteria.

VIU World-Wide Entrance Scholarships

Number: Maximum 20 each year
Amount: $1,000 each
Criteria: Provided annually to exceptional new long-term academic undergraduate student applicants (not one semester Education Abroad or Exchange students). Awarded to up to 20 of the top applicants entering in the Fall semester based on entering grades from submitted transcripts. No application necessary.

How to Appy

Request for Application  on the contact below. 

Current Application Inquiries: worldviu@viu.ca | 250-740-6316