Friday, November 14, 2014

New Zealand Pacific Scholarships

Many Pacific students study at Waikato University in NZ
Awesome Scholarships opportunities for Pacific students to study in New Zealand. All costs are met by the New Zealand Government. The scholarship is called the New Zealand Pacific Scholarships.  Overview of the scholarship is outlined here.

Purpose of award

The New Zealand Pacific Scholarship recognises the very close personal, cultural and economic ties that New Zealand enjoys with Pacific countries. A particular focus of the scheme is to increase the number of young students and high academic achievers studying in New Zealand and to build a new generation of Pacific Leadership with strong links to New Zealand.

Selection criteria

Applications for New Zealand Pacific Scholarships are welcome from the following countries:
* Cook Islands * Federated States of Micronesia * Kiribati * Marshall Islands * Nauru * Niue * Palau * Papua New Guinea * Samoa * Solomon Islands * Tonga * Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

General eligibility criteria:
Applicants must:
* be a citizen of one of the eligible countries and have resided in that country for at least two years at the time of application
* not have citizenship or permanent residence status of New Zealand, Australia or another developed country; or be married or engaged to be married to a person who holds or is eligible to hold New Zealand, Australian or another developed country citizenship or permanent residence status (applicants who are New Zealand citizens from the Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau and dual citizens of Samoa are exempt from this requirement)
* be aged 17 years or over before the scholarship start date
* not hold or have held a New Zealand Government or Australia Government scholarship in the preceding 24 months at the time of application
* be commencing a new study or training programme, and not be seeking support for a training or degree programme already commenced in New Zealand or another country
* not have completed, or nearly completed, a qualification or training programme at a similar academic level unless strong developmental relevance is demonstrated
* be able to take up the scholarship in the academic year for which it is offered
* satisfy the admission requirements of the education institution at which the study programme is to be undertaken (including that institution's English language proficiency criteria)
* (for those applying directly from secondary school) have completed their senior schooling in their country of citizenship
* (for in-service applicants) have been working in their country of citizenship, preferably for at least two years prior to application
* be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to their home country's public, private or civil society sector (as relevant), and to the development of their home country in general.

Applications are particularly welcomed from young people 24 years and under, strong academic performers and those with leadership potential.
Number of awards offered

Each country has a specific number of awards for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students


see 'Addtitional Information'

Tenure of award

Up to four years

Closing dates for applications

Dates vary please visit

How to Apply
It is very easy to apply for this scholarship. Simply go to the website given below and download instrutions and application forms to apply.

Information on New Zealand Pacific Scholarships, including the application process, deadlines and the list of participating New Zealand education institutions, is available on the scholarships pages of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's New Zealand Aid Programme website: