Thursday, September 11, 2014

University Of South Pacific Scholarships for International students

There are several Scholarships Opportunities for International Students to study at the University of South Pacific in Suva, Fiji.  The general information on how to apply for this scholarships is given below.

Government and Aid-Funded Scholarships
The governments of USP member countries sponsor their own citizens for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at USP, by DFL and face to face modes according to the policy of each country.

In addition the major Pacific aid donors - AUSAid, NZAid and Taiwan-ROC also offer scholarships for USP study.  Students should enquire at their home country's scholarship office for more information about how to apply for both types of scholarship.

Fees Payment for Scholarship Students
If you have been awarded a scholarship by one of the recognised sponsors listed above, you are required to present your sponsorship letter, confirming the conditions of your award, during registration. Your sponsor letter may be submitted to:

The appropriate staff member at the Fee Payment step during your registration
The Student Finance Section at your USP Campus.
The Student Administrative Services at Laucala Campus.

USP and Partner Scholarships

The scholarships below are available for 2015. Click on individual links for description and requirements of the scholarships.

Please ensure that if you are a new student you also complete the appropriate form for Application for Admission to an Undergraduate Programme or Application for Admission to a Postgraduate Programme before you apply for the scholarship.

Undergraduate Scholarships:

Pacific Academic Excellence Awards 2015

Shrikisun Balgovind Scholarship 2015

Scholarships Requirements 

Please ensure that you have all the requirements stated in this checklist before submitting this form.
 i. Your application will be deemed incomplete if all the necessary documents are not submitted.
 ii. Photocopied (non-original) documents must be certified by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Oaths.
 iii. Do not submit photocopies of a certified copy.
 Please tick the check box to indicate the documents that you have submitted with your application.
 2 recent certified colour passport photographs (taken within 6 months of the date of application), against a plain
 white background.
 Photos must be labelled with your name and date of birth. Place it in an envelope and staple it onto the application form.
 Certified copy of your Birth Certificate (only if you do not have a USP Student ID)
 Certified copy of your Marriage Certificate or Deed Poll (only if your last name has changed since you were last registered at USP )
 Certified copies of all award certificates and full academic transcripts (Displaying your Grade Point Average (GPA))
 Letters from current and/ or former employer which should state the nature and duration of employment and to include a detailed curriculum vitae.

For More information, check out at. Scholarships for Study Abroad