Saturday, September 20, 2014

Obuchi Japanese Student Scholarship to study in United States

This is a scholarships for Japanese students to study in the United Stated of America. This scholarship is a funding for graduate study to participate in educational, cultural, residential, and leadership development programs at the East-West Center while pursuing a Master's or Doctoral degree at the University of Hawai in the United States, or for study in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP)
Type of Study: Master's or Doctoral degrees (up to 24-month fellowship) or APLP (4.5 month fellowship).
Eligibility: Residents of Okinawa, Japan, who have the intention of returning to Okinawa on completion of study, to contribute to the development needs of Okinawa.
Provisions: Substantial funding toward education and living expenses, including tuition and fees, graduate residence hall room costs, health insurance, book allowance, and partial living stipend.
Application Deadline for Obuchi Student Scholarship:  November 3 for Master's or Doctoral applicants; December 1 for APLP

How to apply
Those Japanese Student intending to study in the United States can request application on the following email. 
Request Scholarships Application on: