Monday, May 12, 2014

Pacific Adventist University Scholarships

There are several  scholarship opportunities for students studying at the Pacific Adventist University. These scholoraships come from both government and private sectors.

Below are some of the scholarships provides at the Pacific Adventist University.
1. TESAS ( Mainly for school leavers in Papua New Guinea
2. Provincial Government scholarships
3. International Government Scholarships. ( Varius from country to country)
4. Pacific Adventist Work Scholarship Scheme
5. Other Scholarships.

There are a number of other general scholarships, incentive and assistance awards that are available to students studying at PAU.  Some of these are:

Theology Scholarships
Text Book Allowances
School Awards (Two awards per semester @ K500 per student awarded based on varying criterion depending on the school.)
Senate Awards
Ministerial Support Fund
PNGUM Sponsorships
Elisha Fund (Available to education 3rd & 4th Year students by application)