Study in New Zealand on one of the exciting Scholarships. The following Scholarship is available for International students.

Purpose of award

The scholarships supports postgraduate and first-year undergraduate students at the University of Canterbury.

Selection criteria

Up to four scholarships will be available annually to those who intend to enrol for full-time study at University of Canterbury in the following year. The scholarships are awarded in two categories.

Two scholarships will be available to those who intend to begin their first year of an undergraduate degree programme, who have completed or are completing a University Entrance qualification, and who attended school in the year of application.

Two scholarships will be available to those who intend to undertake the final year of a programme for an honours degree, or any year of a programme for a postgraduate degree or postgraduate diploma.

Number of awards offered

Up to four



Tenure of award

1 year

Closing dates for applications


How to Apply

The procedures in securing this scholarship is simple. Simply visit the scholarship providers' website given below and download the application forms. 

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