Types of Australia Awards Scholarships for Papua New Guinea

There are different type of Australian Awards scholarships for Papua New Guinean students.

Types of Australia Awards Scholarships for Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guineans are eligible to apply for a number of long and short term Australia Awards for studies both in Australia and PNG.

For studies in Australia there are long term Australia Awards Scholarships and short term Australia Awards Fellowships – PNG. To learn more about Australia Awards and other supplementary awards .

For studies in PNG, long term Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships are offered at selected PNG partner institutions for studies at the following levels:
Bachelor of Midwifery
Bachelor/Diploma of Nursing
Certificate in Community Health Work

Australia Awards also supports a competitive small grants program of up to K30,000.00 that is made available to established organisations to build leadership capacity and professional skills in PNG. To find out more about applying for a small grant .

For more information on how to apply, you can visit the scholarships site.  www.australianawards.org.pg
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